Your Development

Many of our roles are unique as are many of our people.

We seek to match your individual development needs, expertise, aspirations and ambitions with our diverse opportunities for learning. Your individual development plan, shaped with your manager, will be tailored to you. You will be instrumental in determining your career path. Subject Matter Expert, Technical Lead or Business Lead, we recognise you may not know on day 1 but you don’t need to. We will provide the environment, exposure and experiences for you to determine what you are best at.

Here is a flavour of the type of development activities available to you:


A mentor or buddy will guide you and provide sound advice to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to be successful. You will meet a lot of very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional employees, People Who Know How, who live and breathe the industry every day. These are employees whose experience and wisdom is an invaluable input to your professional development and learning process.


You will be invited to join Cortex, a team of graduates who will support your transition into our business and widen your networks. Cortex will create opportunities for your personal development, either through attending events, or becoming involved in the management teams.


We know that on the job experience is the best way for you to learn and develop. We encourage movement through a number of diverse roles and projects within the Division you are assigned to, exposing you to a range of challenges and learning opportunities.

Personal Development

We have many courses available that teach you how to manage yourself, other people and teams. These courses seek to develop behaviours that enable you to release your potential and maximise your ability to deliver personal, team and business results.


The QinetiQ Initial Professional Development (IPD) Scheme will provide support to developing Engineers and Scientists to help you achieve your goals in obtaining professional qualifications. Support is provided to you in the form of the IPD scheme's mentoring network which is further assisted by Site and Professional Body Senior Mentors.

Entry requirements and assessment criteria

We assess applications on a number of criteria which includes professional competency, transferable skills, willingness to learn and adapt in situations, people skills and overall fit with the organisation.

For our engineering roles, we look for an engineering specific degree, from an accredited university.

For our other roles, we look for a sound understanding of business and management as demonstrated by a bachelor degree.

Our opportunities are only open to graduates who are currently eligible to work in the UK. Many of our roles require the holder to be able to obtain full security clearance. To gain clearance you will normally have had to have been a resident in the UK for a minimum of five years, regardless of nationality.

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Your Development