SyBard® Cross-Domain Solutions

All organisations have an increasing need to collaborate and exchange information – both between internal departments and with the outside world. Connectivity and interoperability between systems is expected. Unfortunately, each communication path provides a potential route for loss of data and cyber attack.

Air gaps can be used to protect specific network enclaves, but they lack any efficient, controlled or auditable means of implementing even the most basic data transfer, and actually increase the risk of malware ingress and data leakage.

The QinetiQ SyBard® range of security products enables secure information exchange between network domains with different levels of security and standards. Customers benefit from:

  • Minimised management overheads. Where systems need to be kept separate, our solutions enable operations such as automated patching and monitoring to be carried out on multiple systems at once, while guaranteed separation is maintained.
  • ‘Gateways’ that give multiple organisations secure access to systems and applications. SyBard enables users across a number of organisations to access what they need to provide a service or capability, via connections that cross security boundaries.
  • Enhanced browse down architectures. Solutions based on thin client technology allow highly-classified systems to safely access less secure systems and resources. SyBard can be used to extend these solutions, adding secure out of bound data transfer.

The SyBard® strategy of ‘defence in depth’ not only protects business continuity and profitability from denial of service or the exfiltration of sensitive data, but can also identify and mitigate against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and Zero-Day attacks.

The portfolio includes:

  • SyBard® Diode, which provides guaranteed one-way data transfer.
  • SyBard® Sentry, a family of guard products that perform deep content checking of XML, files and email – allowing two-way data transfer while preventing malware ingress and data leakage at the application level.
  • SyBard® BreakWall®, which protects against data link and network-layer attacks by interrupting IP (internet protocol) flow and creating a proprietary protocol break.

QinetiQ’s profound understanding of secure information sharing is complemented by our ownership of Boldon James, the leader in COTS solutions for secure information exchange.

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An example of a full product suite deployment, giving layer 2-7 protection, for a one-way data transfer scenario. Deployments without the SyBard® Diode are suitable for two-way data transfer scenarios.


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SyBard® Cross-Domain Solutions