Environmental Stewardship

Being environmentally sustainable and responsible is important to our business and we work hard to understand the impact we have on the environment. At QinetiQ we are committed to embedding an environmentally sustainable approach to business because we know it is important for our business, our customers, our employees and our communities. Our overall aim is to deliver continual improvement underpinned with a clear and focused strategy, instilled throughout our operations and implemented by an engaged and informed workforce.

  • Our Energy Matters programme brings together a focused campaign element, promoting involvement and the contribution that can be made at all levels within the organisation. This programme has supported our UK certification to ISO 50001.
  • Our UK estate has an environmental management system which is ISO 14001 certified.
  • We recognise the importance of using technology to address issues like climate change. Our scientists and engineers have developed solutions that will help customers meet the sustainability challenges they face.

We are making a positive environmental contribution through proactive conservation activities on some of our sites. Some of the UK sites we own and operate on behalf of the MOD under the Long Term Partnering Agreement contain valuable conservation areas, many of which are of national or international importance, including Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Areas of Conservation. These provide areas of undisturbed land for wildlife to flourish and help preserve habitats that would otherwise be lost. We take our stewardship of these conservation areas very seriously. By maintaining and enhancing their condition we make a valuable contribution to national biodiversity objectives. In 2013 we won the MOD’s top conservation award – the Silver Otter. We are members of our Trade Body (ADS) Environmental Working Group and the Mod-Industry Sustainable Procurement Working Group.

In 2015 we celebrated our long partnership with Marwell Wildlife in support of the conservation of Eelmore Marsh, at our Farnborough Head Office.

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Environmental Stewardship