EMEA Services

EMEA Services combines world-leading expertise with unique facilities to provide technical assurance, test and evaluation and training services, underpinned by long-term contracts.

FY16 Annual revenue
FY16 total employees

Air & Space

What we do: De-risks complex aerospace programmes by testing systems and equipment, evaluating the risks and assuring safety.

Why bring together Air & Space?
Technology developments are increasingly blurring boundaries between air and space systems which allows us to increase collaboration in our engineering capabilities.

Approximate revenue: £190m.

Key Sites: Farnborough and Boscombe Down, UK.

Maritime, Land & Weapons

What we do: Delivers operational advantage to customers by providing independent research, evaluation and training services.

Why bring together Maritime, Land & Weapons?
The business has a strong focus on test and evaluation, and customers are increasingly undertaking more complex multi-domain trials.

Approximate revenue: £275m.

Key Sites: Farnborough, Boscombe Down, Shoeburyness, Fort Halstead, Hebrides, Aberporth, Pendine, West Freugh, Portsdown Technology Park and Haslar, UK.

Cyber, Information & Training

What we do: Helps government and commercial customers respond to ever-evolving threats based on its expertise in training, secure communication networks and devices, intelligence gathering and surveillance sensors, and cyber security.

Approximate revenue: £100m.

Key Sites: Farnborough, Malvern and Crewe, UK.


What we do: Delivers our products and services in international markets.

Why create an international business?
It incorporates businesses with a significant international footprint and those with international growth potential as well as our other international offices. The business includes QinetiQ Australia as well as Advisory Services.

Approximate revenue: £40m.

Key Sites: Australia, Sweden, Canada and Dubai, UAE.

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