Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Technologies have led to explosive growth in the potential applications for information management and exploitation in the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance space. We are a world leader in developing these applications. We service the defence, other government departments (OGDs) and civil markets, both in the UK and overseas, working with our customers to provide:

  • Technical services and support that rely on proven, trusted and independent know-how. We allow our customers to make informed and cost-effective decisions in the ISR and Enterprise Architecture domains.
  • Services that deliver business transformation and the exploitation of unstructured data in Information & Intelligence. We allow our customers to make the maximum use of their data, information and knowledge to deliver the understanding that underpins effective decision making.

We draw upon a large number of customer focused experts who provide independent technical know-how and support to customers for the procurement of intelligence collection, intelligence processing and information management capabilities. These multi-disciplinary teams include ISR civil and military domain experts, technical experts and system analysts who are highly experienced in a range of requirements capture and architecture methods. These teams are supported by customer focused project managers who work closely with the customer as their programme evolves. We provide end-to-end programme support: from idea through systems design to final acceptance and long term support if needed. Our customers include the UK military, other government departments and overseas defence customers.

We offer solutions and services that deliver real improvements to our customers' existing and planned systems, enabling them to get the most out of their investments. This may be in fusing sensor data, delivering improved data handling efficiencies in supporting such aims as the insurance industry’s need to improve risk assessment analysis. Specifically we can provide:

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Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)