Reducing Costs

Using modelling to quantify the cost and operational impact of new security technologies

Organisations require investments in costly new equipment to deliver the business benefits expected of them, and regulators wish to understand the impact of changes in procedure.

QinetiQ’s security screening model is used by the UK Government to understand how alternative security screening system designs will impact on threat detection and screening efficiency. Based on millions of security tests, it also allows the impact of alternative processes, technologies and human interventions to be quantified.

For airport operators, the benefit is that alternative designs can be considered and the potential impacts understood prior to operational trials. This provides the opportunity to enhance the system design and reduce the unnecessary costs associated with failed trials or adjusting approaches midway through a trial.

Good recruitment, selection and staff management processes also help to reduce overall costs through retaining the most experienced and effective staff.

Previous projects have included the following.

  • Using modelling to identify areas of lower than expected performance.
  • Redesigning processes to enhance throughput.
  • Reducing the cost of trials through effective pre-trial modelling.
  • Developing bespoke selection and performance management processes.
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Reducing Costs