Screener Certification

National X-ray Competency Test (NXCT) – Assessing screener performance

The international regulations ICAO Annex 17 and EC300 Chapter 11 set out a requirement for persons implementing security control processes to have the appropriate competencies and to take appropriate assessments.

QinetiQ’s NXCT was developed in 2003 by organisational psychologists to help airports to meet these international and industry standards.

Used by all UK airports, NXCT provides screener certification which is recognised by the UK transport security regulator (Department for Transport).

NXCT is available for cabin baggage screening, hold baggage screening, and cargo & mail screening. It is not manufacturer-specific, so is relevant for users of a wide range of X-ray screening equipment.

With images and test items regularly updated in order to reflect the changing nature of threats and evolving airport security regulations, NXCT provides airports with a reliable and valid measure of screener competence, both at the point of initial training, and as part of on-going performance management.

Additional benefits of screener certification with NXCT include allowing airports to assess the effectiveness of their existing screener training and to identify any areas where additional training may be needed.

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Screener Certification