Naval Combat System Engineering Course Pre-Course Information

T45 Destroyer

The links below will allow you to familiarise yourself with some of the basic concepts before attending the Naval Combat System Engineering Course.

Below is a link to an extract of the DES Ships Maritime Systems Handbook. It covers – “what is a Combat System” and ‘the Systems of Systems Approach’. It then covers key areas onboard an RN warship, including ‘Sensors and Weapons’. It also includes descriptions of the various surface platforms and how a typical ships company is structured.

It would also be useful to visit the Royal Navy web site, please have a good look around it if you are not familiar with the Royal Navy. Of particular note would be the links to the Surface and Submarine fleets.

The Fleet Operation Sea Training video gives an indication of how ships companies are tested to ensure they are fully trained and ready to be deployed. It shows all aspects of the competencies expected onboard, it is particularly worth noting how they assess Combat System competence.

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Naval Combat System Engineering Course Pre-Course Information