Naval Combat Systems Engineering Course

Aerial view of Portsdown Technology Park

This popular five-day residential course is held at Portsdown Technology Park (near Portsmouth) bi-annually in May and November.

The learning outcome for the course is ‘To provide a high level view of Naval Combat Systems within the UK MoD’.

The course provides an understanding of both the theory and practice of Naval Combat System Engineering. What does a Combat System consist of? What are the sub systems in a Combat System? Does the human (operator) element affect the Combat System? These questions and more will be answered throughout the week.

The course also considers a number of design constraints such as Warship Vulnerability Reduction, Safety, Electromagnetic Environmental Effects, Geospatial Errors, and Human Factors. It also embraces major aspects of the acquisition cycle and emphasises the importance of system-wide issues.

Shore Integration Facility

There is a visit to the Royal Navy training facility at HMS Collingwood to establish how RN staff are taught Combat Systems. There are also tours of the Shore Integration Facility (T23 Frigate) and Maritime Integration Support Centre (T45 Destroyer) at Portsdown Technology Park.

Please click here to see a full list of topics covered on the course.

The course is delivered by a mixture of industry personnel, serving Royal Naval Officers and MoD Civil Servants, each of which are recognised as an expert within their own field.

There are numerous networking opportunities for delegates to pursue during the course including two evening activities.

Please click here for a generic programme which gives an overview of the week.

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Who will benefit by coming on the course?

The course is aimed primarily at those who already have or are about to join the Naval Combat System domain. Those moving back into Naval Combat Systems with previous experience will also find this course valuable as it will serve to refresh their knowledge and bring it up to date.

No prior knowledge of Naval Combat Systems is required to attend this course; however an appreciation of Systems Engineering and the maritime domain will be of benefit.

A comprehensive Glossary is provided which explains many of the widely used acronyms in Naval Combat Systems.

The NCSE course has been host to a wide range of delegates in the past from senior RN officers to MoD and industry Engineers and Project Managers, Graduates have also attended.

When is the next Course, how do I apply?

The next NCSE Course will be held the week of 8th – 12th May 2017.

For an application form or if you have any inquiries regarding the course please e-mail Alternatively you can contact the course administrator on 01684 894829.

Feedback from recent courses

“The variety of topics covered was excellent, it enabled us to view combat systems engineering from all sides.”

“I found the most valuable elements were those that covered aspects of why integration and testing is important. The social element also played a key role in getting the networking going.”

“The course was well run and organised, there has not been an element I have not enjoyed. I will be recommending this course to my colleagues.”

“This was a very well organised and run course with interesting, informative & well-presented content.”

“The organisation and facilitation from Nigel was superb and he deserves a lot of credit for his hosting of the course.”

Pre-course material

If you are relatively new to Combat Systems then it will be useful to view the material gathered together at the link below as some background reading. It includes a video of how the RN assesses Combat System Competence on board RN warships as well as an extract of the DES Ships Maritime Combat Systems Handbook. The handbook has information you will find most valuable for the course and is an advisable read in its own right.

This course is part of the wider Combat System Enterprise formed between the MoD and industry. QinetiQ the providers of this course would like to thank the following organisations for their support.


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Naval Combat Systems Engineering Course